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  1. What fate befalls Owl-Eyes?
    1. She is left in a lake in the caverns under the castle.
    2. She is sucked underwater by a sea-monster.
    3. Arwen sails her away from Wolfhaven.
  2. Why do Sebastian, Elanor and Tom feel unsure how to act around Quinn?
    1. She's too bossy, and they don’t want to upset her.
    2. She told them she doesn’t want to be part of the quest anymore.
    3. She is the true Queen of Stormness.
  3. From whom will Lady Mortlake take blood to cast her spell on the night of the dark moon?
    1. The prisoners in the dungeon.
    2. The unicorn, Quickthorn.
    3. Her army of bog-men.
  4. Why doesn’t Fergus like being in the witch’s cottage on Adderwell Island?
    1. Because of a strange smell that clings to the cottage.
    2. He’s scared of the obsidian ball.
    3. It's too small for him to run around.
  5. How does Quinn know the sea-serpent is a 'he'?
    1. He appears to her in a vision and tells her.
    2. He has the markings of a male adder.
    3. He has a male name, Sabre.
  6. A flute made from elder wood can:
    1. Charm a sea-serpent.
    2. Defeat an army.
    3. Call up faery folk.
  7. What does Quinn leave in payment in the roots of the elder tree?
    1. An orange.
    2. An apple
    3. A mushroom
  8. What alerts the soldiers on Lord Mortlake’s warship that the children are paddling nearby?
    1. The red light from the witch-sisters’ rings shines on the coracles.
    2. A splash from Sabre gives them away.
    3. Rats squeal when they see them paddle under the anchor-chain.
  9. The children enter the caves under the castle through:
    1. The secret water gate.
    2. The war gate.
    3. A concealed passageway in the kitchen.
  10. While in the caverns under the castle, what kind of creature does Quinn cast a growing spell on?
    1. Rats
    2. Bats
    3. Dragons