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Son of the castle cook, Mistress Pippin, Tom spends all his time collecting ingredients and scrubbing pots in the busy kitchen. He certainly isn't prepared to join the Impossible Quest to find a way to save Wolfhaven.

  • Has fair hair and blue eyes
  • Loves to play mob-ball but rarely gets the chance
  • Knows how to gather wild foods and cook a great feast
  • Has a wolfhound called Fergus
  • The Grand Teller gives him an old wooden flute that doesn't make any noise
Lady Elanor
Lady Elanor

As daughter of Lord Wolfgang, lord of Wolfhaven Castle, Lady Elanor has had a very privileged upbringing. Living in the castle and treated as royalty, Lady Elanor is ill-equipped to undertake a rough and dangerous journey through the wilderness.

  • Has long, smooth golden-brown hair and big hazel eyes
  • Loves animals and loves to ride her pony, but is not allowed by her governess, Mistress Mauldred
  • Has been brought up to behave like a lady at all times
  • The Grand Teller gives her a moonstone ring called the Traveller’s Stone
Lady Elanor

Quinn started life as an abandoned child. Found floating in a wicker basket on the sea, Quinn was taken in and raised by Arwen, the Grand Teller of the castle. Quinn is in training to become a witch.

  • Has wild black hair and turquoise green eyes
  • Knows many mysterious riddles, rhymes, stories and spells
  • Reads the tell-stones
  • The Grand Teller gives her a wooden medallion carved into a man’s face surrounded by oak leaves
Lady Elanor

Son of Lord Aidan Byrne, Lord of Ashbyrne Castle, Sebastian is a confident and brash young squire. His goal is to finish his training and become a knight who goes on bold adventures.

  • Has red curly hair and tawny eyes
  • Sent to Wolfhaven Castle as a squire, in training to be a knight
  • He is talented at mob-ball and loves playing with his team of squires
  • The Grand Teller gives him a brooch made of amber, held by a dragon carved from rowan wood